David Cameron preaches Austerity from his golden Throne

Ich spreche von der politischen Klasse ja auch sehr gerne als Neo-Aristokratie. Dieses Bild veranschaulicht das sehr deutlich: David Cameron verkündet die neuesten Sparmaßnahmen auf einem Luxus-Dinner, sitzend auf einem güldenen Stuhl.

At a state banquet for the new Lord Mayor on Monday, David Cameron gave a speech about his commitment to the cause of permanent austerity. He stood up to speak from a golden chair, and read his notes from a golden lectern. […]

The guests enjoyed a champagne reception, and then were served a starter ("a celebration of British mushrooms"), a fish course and main course of fillet of beef, all served with wine of course. In the break before dessert, coffee, dessert wine, port, brandy and whisky were served, Cameron gave his speech. […] Maybe Cameron didn't see the irony; perhaps he forgot about the army of waiting staff, cleaners, chefs and porters who were also present at the banquet.

It was hard to stomach David Cameron preaching austerity from a golden throne (via Fefe)