Petter Bagges Apocalypse Nerd – The Movie

11.11.2013 Misc Movies #Comics

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 Vimeo Direktapocalypse

Ein paar Indie-Filmemacher aus London vollen Petter Bagges Apocalypse Nerd verfilmen. Dieses Comic von Bagge kenne ich persönlich nicht, aber ich habe relativ viele seiner Hate-Comics gelesen und sein ätzender Humor mit sowas wie einer Grunge-Version von Simon Pegg und Nick Frost in einem Cabin in the Woods-Setting nach 'nem Atomkrieg würde ich echt gerne sehen, glaube ich. Ich könnte natürlich auch einfach das Comic lesen, bis dahin erstmal hier Kickstarter und Schnickschnack.

Adapted from the Dark Horse [300, Hellboy, Sin City] graphic novel by Peter Bagge, APOCALYPSE NERD is a buddy-comedy about a couple of chronically adolescent friends about to turn 40. A week in the countryside has them dealing with their assorted personal issues, as well as an inconveniently timed cataclysm.

Underground comic-book legend Peter Bagge and writer-director Tupaq Felber have collaborated on this feature-film, and now have a script and crew ready to go into pre-production for an Autumn 2013 shoot. The script has been called "The Road meets Withnail and I" or "Old Joy meets Time of the Wolf". A classic graphic-novel made into a wonderful piece of British Independent Cinema, is what it is.

Peter Bagge's Apocalypse Nerd: The Movie (via Bleeding Cool)