Dude thinks he's Boomer

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Ich habe Boomer als Kind immer geliebt, bin aber auch von Haus aus eher der Hunde-Typ. Also, im Gegensatz zum Katzen-Typ und auch garantiert nicht so wie Gary Matthews aus Pittsburgh, der sich Boomer The Dog nennt, Hundefutter frisst und in einem Hundekostüm durch die Gegend rennt. Die sind doch alle verrückt.

The 48-year-old wears a dog collar, eats dog food from a bowl — his favorite is Pedigree – and loves milk bones and dog cookies. […]

He wanders around the streets of his hometown Pittsburgh, barking at cars and digging holes in the backyard. […] "Sometimes I sleep in my dog house, which is up in the attic -- I built it myself," said Matthews. "It's made out of wood and I can take it apart and move it. I go up there and read a book. It has a little night light and is like a club house."

The mild-mannered and seemingly rational man even has a telephone answering machine that barks. His emails say "pawed" instead of, "said." and he runs a website Boomer the Dog, and a podcast.

Pittsburgh Man Thinks He's a Dog, Goes By Name 'Boomer'