How To make a Millennium Falcon 1200-Turntable

Marco, dessen Falcon-1200er neulich mal wieder rumging, hat die Bilder vom Bau des Teils auf seiner Website gepostet, bei Herrn Lordmat gibt's die Bilder auch in groß: Wie der Millennium Falcon 1200 entstand.

So the first part of the construction was actually getting the toy to hold a little weight since the plastic was not very stiff or strong. I initally made molds of where the rear cushion feet are attached and then cast them in fiberglass resin with drilled and tapped aluminum inserts.

After I made the main 'skeleton' and leveled the frame, I cut the top so it's flush and level, and then I made the front 'foot/landing gear'. I wanted it to look like the landing gear/ramp. I ended up finding pieces of CNC-machined aluminum at Green Guy that would be perfect which I also further shaped with my band saw (probably went through a whole blade cutting it too). And I wanted to have a landing gear light so some of it had to be made up of clear polycarbonate. And it also had vibration elastomer bushings I stole from my Manitou mountain bike suspension forks.

Millennium 1200