Berlin through Vinyl Covers 1960-1989

Tolle Idee von Bernd Leyon vom Plattenlade Musik Department: Ein Berlin-Bildband bestehend aus Vinyl-Covern. Ich vermute stark, das wäre der erste seiner Art. Hier die Startnext-Kampagne und da das Tumblelog zum Buch.

 Vimeo Direktcover

For over 20 years I've been selling vinyl records and CDs in Berlin. The idea for this project came from a gorgeous wall in my shop -- Musik Department -- covered with LPs and singles with images of Berlin. One of my customers was so enthusiastic about it that he said these just had to be published. Thus was the idea born, and over the last two years the collection of covers has increased considerably. All in all there are currently about 150 beautiful and revealing pictures awaiting release in the most suitable and appealing context: a coffee table book!

This large and stylish tome will shed a cool and loving light on the city of Berlin with both photographs and record covers from 1960 to 1989. In addition to the images themselves our book will focus on the style, design and zeitgeist of these covers.

Berlin on Vinyl - ein Bildband (via Ronny)