Fantagraphics kickstarts its next Comicbooks

06.11.2013 Misc #Comics

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Fantagraphics, der wahrscheinlich beste Verlag der Welt für anspruchsvollste Comics, finanziert seine Veröffentlichungen für Frühjahr 2014 per Kickstarter. Ich kann deren Publishing-Philosophy nur unterstreichen und hoffe, dass die Finanzierung klargeht. Angesichts dessen, dass sie mehr als die Hälfte der benötigten Summe in weniger als zwei Tagen einnahmen, mache ich mir da allerdings nur sehr wenige Sorgen.

We’ve has never existed comfortably within the traditional capitalist model— ruthlessly competitive, obsessed with growth and the endless accumulation of surplus money. Our artistic values have always tempered our profitability. Fantagraphics has always managed to scrape by, but we realized that with the advent of crowd sourcing, we are in a position to make an end-run around the most brutish strictures of the marketplace and appeal directly to our readers. We now live in a world where artists as diverse as Spike Lee and Amanda Palmer can ask their fans to help finance their art and, in that same spirit, we are asking you to help us continue this quixotic enterprise.

We don't want to sell out, so we need YOU to buy in