LavaBits encrypted Mailservice as Open Source-Software

Ladar Levison, Gründer von LavaBit, dem Mailservice von Ed Snowden, der im Zuge der Ermittlungen dichtmachen musste, will seinen Service als Open Source-Projekt veröffentlichen und hat dafür eine Kickstarter-Kampagne gestartet. Das Projekt soll am Ende echte End-to-End-Verschlüsselung ohne den ganzen unbequemen Bohei bieten, in dem die Verschlüsselung ins Mail-Protokoll eingebettet wird.

Dark Mail, a newly developed messaging protocol, is designed to provide end-to-end encryption of both the message itself and the email in transit. Because encryption will be integrated into the protocol itself, it will be invisible to the user. Dark Mail users will get the security of PGP without the cognitive burden; if someone can use email today they will be able to use Dark Mail tomorrow.

The project will also include building, and releasing as [free and open-source software], the first Dark Mail compatible clients. We are planning to launch with clients for the desktop (Win, Mac, Lin), smartphones and tablets (iOS, Android).

Lavabit's Dark Mail Initiative by Ladar Levison