Serge, the Llama, goes on Tour

04.11.2013 Fun Misc #Animals

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Wenn fünf betrunkene junge Herren ein Llama namens Serge aus einem Zirkus klauen und mit ihm durch Bordeaux in Frankreich fahren.

On thursday morning before dawn, five young people, who had just left a disco in the Bassins à Flot area, went wandering up to the street Rue Lucien Faure, where a Franco-Italian circus currently resides.

Obviously very drunk, a crazy idea crossed their minds when they noticed a cage, in which several animals were being kept. They entered the circus' site and stole a llama (named Serge, like a famous french crooner) ! The youngsters pulled the rope around the animal's neck to make it walk out of his cage.

On the same occasion, they also stole a lion (well... a plush lion doll, that is !) and a trombone.

Sudouest: Drunk youngsters steal a llama from a circus and take it for a ride in the tram A llama named Serge take the tram in Bordeaux (via Arbroath)