Photography: Cosplayers at Home

Just the two of us, Klaus Pichler, 2013

Klaus Pichler hat mir seine neue, ganz großartige Fotoserie Just The Two Of Us geschickt, in der er Cosplayer in ihren Kostümen zuhause ablichtet. Großartige Arbeit!

The tradition of dressing up and wearing costumes has been part of many traditional special celebrations in society for centuries. They are usually part of a spectacle, a display or a communal activity which often turns everyday routines upside down and gives permission to behave in a way which is not acceptable in ‘real life’. In recent years, in addition to the traditional practices of wearing costumes, several new individual trends have become established where dressing up is either the main element or a vital part of it.

In this series of photographs, a range of different traditions are portrayed in order to highlight the huge variety amongst the wide range of costumes which is currently available.

Just The Two Of Us (Danke Klaus!)

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