Malware-Chips in chinese Irons

In Russland haben sie Bügeleisen gefunden, in denen Chips verbaut waren, die sich ins WLan hacken um so Malware und Spam zu verbreiten. Scheint kein Einzelfall zu sein, die Dinger sind auch in Handys, Kameras und Teekesseln aufgetaucht:

Cyber criminals are planting chips in electric irons and kettles to launch spam attacks, reports in Russia suggest.

State-owned channel Rossiya 24 even showed footage of a technician opening up an iron included in a batch of Chinese imports to find a "spy chip" with what he called "a little microphone". Its correspondent said the hidden devices were mostly being used to spread viruses, by connecting to any computer within a 200m (656ft) radius which were using unprotected Wi-Fi networks. Other products found to have rogue components reportedly included mobile phones and car dashboard cameras.

Russia: Hidden chips 'launch spam attacks from irons' (via Max)