He Took His Skin Off For Me – Teaser

Im Sommer bloggte ich über den crowdfinanzierten Kurzfilm He Took His Skin Off For Me, eine poetische Lovestory mit jeder Menge Hellraiser über einen Mann, der sich für seine Freundin die Haut abzieht. Freut mich sehr zu hören, dass die Aktion erfolgreich war und es einen ersten Teaser gibt, in dem zugegeben echt noch nicht viel zu sehen ist:

 Vimeo Direktskin, via Twitch

"Is this what you want? he asked, and I said yes, so he took his skin off for me."

He hangs the loose skin in the closet and comes downstairs to join his girlfriend at the dinner table. This whole thing seems like a good idea. He's become what she always wanted him to be. But it's not all perfect. It's the small things. The stains. She has to wash the sheets every day. At night he gets cold, so they have to turn up the heat. This means more bills. And gas isn't cheap...

In fact, money is more of a problem than ever. He's losing clients at work and they begin to fight about it. She tells him they're the wrong clients anyway. Old friends come over for dinner, but the party does not go well. He is quiet and withdrawn. The house is covered in stains - more than she can possibly clean. They stop talking. The silence is deafening. She begins to worry that he resents her. He does.

He Took His Skin Off For Me