China mistakes Halo-Cosplay for US Smart Armour

Das chinesische Fernsehen hat Halo-Masterchief-Cosplay im staatlichen Propaganda-Fernsehen als amerikanische „Smart Armour“ präsentiert. Ich denke nicht, dass die so naiv sind und vermute da Propaganda-Absicht dahinter.

The program compared the new U.S. military tech to Iron Man, using an image from Iron Man 3. In the upper corner, it clearly says, "movie image" (电影剧照). Then, the show flashes to the image [above].

Here, the upper corner reads: "U.S. Military Concept Armour" (美军装甲衣概念图). "If this armour was made for units or small groups it could be done," said the show's host, "but it would be too expensive for mass roll-out."

No, China, Master Chief's Battle Suit Is Not Real (Danke Marco!)