Atheist Baby Shoes on Kickstarter

Der kreuzberger Laden für atheistische Treter will jetzt auch Babyschuhe verkaufen und hat dafür ein superunterhaltsames Kickstarter-Video gedreht. Und bevor mir jetzt irgendjemand mit Indoktrination kommt: Atheismus ist kein Glaube und die Schuhe diesbezüglich äußerst zurückhaltend. Das politisch korrekt breitgefächerte Angebot für heterosexuelle, schwule und lesbische Eltern sowie für Boobies macht das Ding dann noch komplett rund. Toll!

Our baby shoe is just as snuggly and comfy as our grown-up shoe, handmade with a very soft, untreated leather and 100% cotton teddy bear fur. It also has a soft sole, not too restricting for quickly growing feet and allowing older babies to learn to walk as nature intended. But the real magic happens on the underside, where we've screen-printed homages to the only supreme beings a baby knows... "I believe in Mummy", "I believe in Daddy" and "I believe in Booby".

We'll be making the baby shoes by hand in Germany and also in Portugal, which is where we make our grown-up shoes. We'll also be making a vegan-friendly version, which you can order the same way as the others - check out the £45 reward to the right!

We're pretty sure all babies are born atheists and, rather than commit them to some religion before they're old enough to have a say (let alone control their pooping functions) we'd rather celebrate their undoubted belief in Mummy and Daddy.

Atheist Baby Shoes by Atheist / Berlin (via Boing Boing)