Antiguas WTO-approved Filesharing-Service is actually happening

Im Januar bloggte ich über die Story von Antiguas kommender, ganz legaler Filesharing-Plattform. Antigua wurde von der World Trade Organisation ein Schadensausgleich von den USA in Höhe von 21 Millionen US-Dollar in Form von „geistigem Eigentum“ zugesprochen und Antigua arbeitet seitdem an einer P2P-Plattform, die das ermöglicht.

Jetzt haben sie anhscheinend ein juristisches Framework auf die Beine gestellt, das sie vom Parlament absegnen lassen wollen. Gleichzeitig laden sie Firmen ein, um die Plattform zu betreiben und es gerüchtet, Pirate Bay befände sich bereits in Gesprächen.

Das Ding ist kein Fake, abgesegnet von der Welthandelsorganisation WTO, hier nochmal die Story zusammengefasst von Networkworld:

In 2003 Antigua started proceedings with the World Trade Organization (‘WTO’) challenging the United States’ total prohibition on cross-border online gambling services and they won! Yep, in 2004 the WTO Dispute Panel found in Antigua's favor and when the US appealed the verdict the judgement was upheld. The US was given one year to correct its laws but […] did nothing of the sort. We became international scofflaws.

Thereafter some ugly diplomacy ensued that saw the US try to wriggle out of its original WTO agreement but the WTO would have none of it. On January 28 this year, just nine months ago, the WTO authorized Antigua to suspend US copyrights. Yep, you read that right; Antigua can do as it pleases with US copyrights and US copyright holders can't do jack about it.

This means that under the WTO's authorization Antigua will be able to provide US copyrighted works on any terms they please to anyone without any compensation whatsoever to whichever American entities own the works up to a value to Antigua of $21 million annually!

Die Presse-Mitteilung der Regierung Antigua und Barbuda nach dem Klick:

Antigua and Barbuda’s “WTO Remedies Implementation Committee”, comprising of several persons with expertise in the areas of intellectual property rights, drafting of domestic intellectual property rights legislation, international trade policy and law, information technology and economics continues its work with the convening of a meeting geared towards harvesting benefits from Antigua & Barbuda’s WTO Gaming case […]

Although its proceedings are confidential, the Committee is said to be recommending the establishment by the Government of Antigua & Barbuda of a statutory body to own, manage and operate the ultimate platform to be created for the monetisation or other exploitation of the suspension of American intellectual property rights authorised earlier this year by the WTO. It is understood that the necessary domestic legislation to implement the remedies is in the final stages of preparation for submission to Parliament. Additionally, an announcement regarding the opening of tenders for private sector participation in the operating of the platform should be announced shortly.

Avast, me hearties! Antigua to legally pirate US copyrighted works (via Motherboard)

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