goes Classic Software Emulation hat sich SJMess angeschafft, ein Emulator, der hunderte klassischer Systeme im Browser auf JavaScript-Basis laufen lässt. In ihrer Historical Software Collection kann man jetzt Klassiker wie Pitfall, Elite, Pacman oder E.T. (haha!) spielen oder sich das olle 1980er Atari-Dealer-Demo anschauen.

Today, the Internet Archive announces the Historical Software Archive, a collection of prominent and historically notable pieces of software, able to be run immediately in your browser. They range from pioneering applications to obscure forgotten utilities, and from peak-of-perfection designs to industry-crashing classics.

Turning computer history into a one-click experience bridges the gap between understanding these older programs and making them available in a universal fashion. Acquisition, for a library, is not enough – accessibility is where knowledge and lives change for the better. The JSMESS interface lets users get to the software in the quickest way possible.

Microcomputer Software Lives Again, This Time in Your Browser