Science photo-traps Jaguars with Calvin Klein

Wie schön. Jaguare (Jaguars? Jagurae? Jaguarites?) lassen sich mit dem Duft von Calvin Klein-Sprühzeug anlocken. Explizit mit Calvin Klein Obsession for Men. Ich stelle mir grade einhundert Banker und Politiker vor, die samt Suit von Jaguaren verspeist werden. Vielleicht fressen die auch die Calvin-Klein-Fraktion der FDP auf, man müsste die Rest-Partei nur mal mit in den Zoo nehmen, fingers crossed.

the best way to convince a jaguar to trigger a camera trap? Calvin Klein Obsession for Men. Seriously.

According to Ordeñana, a Bronx Zoo researcher once tried a bunch of different scents and discovered that jaguars really liked the Calvin Klein cologne. A researcher might spray some of the cologne on a tree branch that sits within the camera’s field of view.

What’s so special about this particular scent mixture? “It has civetone and it has vanilla extract,” he says. Civetone is a chemical compound derived from the scent glands of civets, smallish nocturnal cats native to the Asian and African tropics, and it’s one of the world’s oldest perfume ingredients. “What we think is that the civetone resembles some sort of territorial marking to the jaguar, and so it responds by rubbing its own scent on it,” he explained to me. And the vanilla might set off the cats’ curiosity response. No matter which compound is responsible for jaguars’ interest – or both – the key is that the scent gets them to stick around long enough to activate the camera’s shutter.

You’ll Never Guess How Biologists Lure Jaguars To Camera Traps (via Boing Boing)