Aerial Photography of Economic Downfall

Michael Light fotografiert die vor sich hinrottenden Luxusvillas am Rande von Las Vegas aus der Luft und dokumentiert so den wirtschaftlichen Niedergang der USA mit großartigen Bildern aus der Luft. Toll, auf so 'ne ökonomisch-morbide Art!

finance2In his series on Black Mountain, Nevada, Light’s photos put viewers in the plane with him as he glides over 640 acres of dynamite-flattened hilltops, carved through with pristine roads and cul de sacs linking graded house foundations. But there are no houses. No lawns, no pools, no sidewalks. No guard-staffed gates. This is the site of the Ascaya luxury housing development, which has lain dormant since the economic crash of 2008.

“Once they get built, it’s hard to un-build them,” says Light. From the air the sculpted earth reads like a strange code cut into the brown hills.

The Sun Belt cities experienced the most rapid growth of any American urban area in the early 21st century, and were hardest hit in the economic downtown. The ferocious demand for housing — over-sized, over-watered trophy housing — resulted in major alterations to the landscape.

Economic Collapse Seen Through Aerial Photos of Abandoned Mansions