WWWTXT: Twitters from the early Internet

Schönes Projekt von Daniel Rehn: Auf WWWTXT sammelt er Textschnippsel aus Bulletin Boards und dem Usenet, dampft sie auf Tweets in 140 Zeichen ein und bastelt damit sowas wie ein Twitter aus dem Internet der Jahre 1980 bis 94. Das meiste davon sind Texte („HAVE YOU LISTENED TO A DATA CD-ROM ON HEADPHONES? INTERESTING PATTERNS EMERGE… SUBSTRUCTURES IN DATATECHNIQUE… MAYBE AESTHETIC DATA? ☯93NOV“), er postet da aber auch immer wieder Bilder aus der Zeit. Schönes Dings, Bild oben: „'Phreaking and Hackers Club' application ▰ From USENET ☯92APR“

In 1995, commercialization, a swelling population, and the multimedia revolution began to shape Web 1.0 and the modern Internet. 1988–94 represent the final years of a much smaller, non-commercial, and text-dominated Internet.

The users of this era were not only programmers, physicists, and university residents—they were also tinkerers, early-adopters, whiz kids, and nerds. Their conversations and documents—valiantly preserved by digital archivists—are fractured across numerous services, increasingly offline-only, and incredibly voluminous (100GB+).

wwwtxt digs deep and resurrects the voices of these digital pioneers as unedited, compelling, and insightful 140-character excerpts. […] Primary sources include: discussion groups on Usenet, BBS-based FidoNet, and the initial online services (CompuServe, GEnie, Prodigy, AOL); both public and private text files; early hypertexts of Gopher/WWW; and abandoned personal documents.

WWWTXT (via MeFi)