Trax Records Box Set – The First 75 Complete Trax 12" Releases

24.08.2013 Misc Music #Techno

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Wow. Ich weiß nicht, ob ich mir die Box zulegen werde, nicht zuletzt weil ich mit CDs praktisch nichts mehr anfangen kann. Aber die Geschichte des legendären Trax Labels auf 16 CDs, alle 75 ersten Platten, komplett remastered und teilweise neu produziert (die Platten des Labels kamen oft ein einem furchtbaren Zustand und ich hab mal gelesen, dass in deren Lagerhalle in Chicago das Wasser stehen würde) – ich muss da mindestens überlegen, immerhin hat das Label so gut wie im Alleingang House und Acid und den Jack erfunden. Wahrscheinlich nicht, aber: Wow! Hier der Link, runterscrollen, auf kann man vorbestellen. (via Tanith)

The label was renowned for its almost punk ethic of simply getting the releases out fast and furiously without much in the way of obvious design values or quality control. Their releases were generally pressed on recycled vinyl and housed in recycled card sleeves – in fact, it was not unusual to open the record and see bits of paper pressed into the vinyl and old printing on the inside of the sleeves! However, the operation perfectly suited the ethos of the music, the majority of which was often made on 4 track machines in numerous bedrooms before being tested at Chicago’s No.1 House club, the Warehouse, where the legendary Frankie Knuckles ruled the decks. If the bedroom tape got the thumbs up from Frankie, then usually the aspiring producers would turn up at Trax the next morning and beg to get their productions on vinyl. The deals were probably not great but the lure of holding your own record seemed to override all other considerations. And thus dozens of new careers were hatched. Traxbox is the most important retrospective analysis of Trax Records since the label began. There have been many Trax related compilations in the past, but nothing that even remotely approaches the sheer scale and comprehensive sweep of Traxbox.

Traxbox presents the first 75 Trax Record 12” releases in their entirety – both the A & B sides including ALL the mixes used from Trax TX101 Le Noiz in 1985 to Trax TX175 Virgo Four in 1989 all housed in a beautiful heavyweight 16 x CD purpose-designed wallet together with an 80 page booklet all enshrouded within specially commissioned new artwork from cult artist Aidan Hughes.

All 75 12” releases have been extensively re-mastered and, in some cases, completely re-built in order to get all the original tracks to a decent degree of quality for the first time ever. Each individual 12” has been painstakingly re-mastered by experts, with all the original vinyl copies scrupulously supplied by renowned 12” collector and House music historian, Johnathan Woodliffe, for mastering comparison purposes and, in some cases, to supply the missing links in the Trax catalogue.

Bill Brewster – author of “Last Night A DJ Saved My Life” and co-founder of the world’s foremost DJ forum, DJ History has supplied a comprehensive history of the label and specific write-ups on each individual 12” all of which has been combined with lots of rare scans, photos and archive material from this incredibly influential era.
Forget everything else. Traxbox is the ONLY way to own this revolutionary period of dance music history.