Dude on Drugs raves semi-naked on Merkels Jet

Ich hatte das nicht mitbekommen und war die Tage beschäftigt, aber das hier gehört definitiv auf dieses Blog: Ein Typ hat nachts einen Jackass gepullt, hat sich völlig high in Bundesmerkels Jet geschlichen und hat dort ein paar Stunden lang alleine in der Unterhose die Sau rausgelassen. Bemerkenswert finde ich ja, dass die das anscheinend um 20:30 Uhr bemerkt haben, der Mann aber dann noch drei Stunden lang Unsinn in Angies Flugzeug machen konnte. Nicht schlecht!

Police detained a 24-year-old bodybuilder known as Volkan T. on the night of July 25 after he reportedly caused US$133,720 of damage to the jet used by Chancellor Angela Merkel. […]

On the night of July 25, Volkan drove from his home in Cologne to the airport, reportedly high on drugs. He succeeded in slipping past a security post by saying he had been invited to a wedding party in the officers’ quarters. Once within the airport, Volkan scaled a barbed wire fence and located Merkel’s jet. He clambered on to a wing and entered the cabin through the open emergency exit, whereupon he stripped down to his underpants and embarked upon a wild one-man party.

Volkan rampaged through the Airbus 319, setting off a fire extinguisher on the plush interior, dancing on the wing and deploying the inflatable emergency slide. The authorities eventually became aware of Volkan’s antics at 8:40pm, when he inadvertently set off an alarm while pressing buttons at random in the plane’s cockpit.

Air Farce 1: Drugged-up man in underpants eludes security to party on Merkel jet (via Max)