Afghanistans Poetry Trucks

Schöner Artikel vom Think Tank Afghanistan Analyst Network über Gedichte auf afghanischen Trucks, die typische Lyrik mit Motiven aus Krieg und Terrorismus mischen. „My heart, the bomb“.

Poetry and literature did not escape the impacts of the decades-long war. This feels startling, when the beauty of love is described with words borrowed from the lethal tactics of the on-going war. The couplet we opened with was a good example. Drones-and al-Qaeda become metaphors to denote an indefinite absence or disappearance of one’s lover:

I am chasing you like a drone
You have become al Qaida; there’s no trace of you

And this one, to close with:

I’ve attached my heart, the bomb, to your eyes, the remote control
Please wink once for martyring me

Poetry in Motion: Love, war and politics on trucks (Danke Lenz!)