Breaking Bad Color-Theory

Perfekt als Vorbereitung zur zweiten der letzten achte Folgen von Breaking Bad, die heute nacht ausgestrahlt wird: Wired hat sieben Theorien über unterschiedlichste Subtexte in der Serie gesammelt, von Shakespeare bis Chekhovs Gun und mindestens die Farb-Theorie wurde von Vince Gilligan und den Production Designern der Serie bestätigt.

We do know that the colors of props and costumes mean something, often seemingly functioning as thermometers for a character's state of mind or situation […], the color palettes for different characters, especially Walt and Jesse, darken as they sink deeper into damnation.

Of course it's more complicated than simple hue. As graphic designer John LaRue of The Droid You're Looking For illustrates with his ludicrously painstaking infographic (above), color also seems to indicate both motivations and imminent turns in the narrative. For example, characters tend to wear yellow before they make intense, game-changing decisions, like Walt did when he killed Krazy-8 in season one. While yellow is the proverbial canary in a coal mine, green seems to indicate a character (usually Walt, often Saul) acting out of greed; white points to powerlessness (in the case of Walt's cancer and hospital treatments) while beiges represent to the straight-and-narrow life Walt left behind (see: Elliott Schwartz's birthday party guests).

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