Atlas Of The World Wide Web

Schickes Ding von Frau Dafna Aizenberg, die drölfzehn Visualisierungen des globalen Datenstroms zu einem Atlas Of The World Wide Web gebunden hat. Von Wired:

Israel-based designer Dafna Aizenberg felt that it was time for a 21st century update to classic atlas maps. “Recently I’ve found myself exploring the social implications of the internet on our lives,” she explains. “Both the positive and negative aspects that come with it.”

Aizenberg created the Atlas of the World Wide Web, a 120-page visual guide to how the internet has blurred the traditional, physical borders around the world. The atlas’ six chapters, which span everything from IP addresses to internet infrastructure to e-commerce, feature striking visualizations that highlight often unnoticed trends brought on by the spread of the internet.









Infographic: An Amazing Atlas of the World Wide Web

Also: Aizenberg totally rhymes with Heisenberg and sounds like the french Pronunciation of it: 'Aizenberg, eh? Tight, tight tight!