Eddys Run: Ed Snowden Jump'n'Run

Binji haben das durchaus schicke Eddy's Run entwickelt, ein Jump'n'Run in dem man als Edward Snowden Laptops auf Agenten wirft und Dronen und Kameras ausweichen muss. Nice!

First of 'Eddy's run' is a deep thank you, a bow to Edward Snowden, the man who risked his live to reveal inhuman actions of a shocking large number of governments towards the citizens of the world by invading the privacy of millions of people.

It is a contribution in the fight against total surveillance and the undermining of democracy. It is our way of protest, an art project that aims to wake up people who still naively think that observation is necessary and does not affect their private life. It is a cry for help in the support of Edward Snowden and the freedom of each individual. It is setting a sign to stop EDDY'S RUN and free a refugee being chased by "the most powerful country in the world".

Eddy's Run (Danke Nils und Maria!)