Lab-grown Hamburger get's eaten on Monday for €250.000

Vor zwei Jahren bloggte ich über den ersten Hamburger aus künstlichem Fleisch. Jetzt ist es soweit, das Teil wird dieses Wochenende gezüchtet und am kommenden Montag verspeist. Ich halte Euch auf dem laufenden.

On Monday, just after lunchtime, Dr Mark Post will make culinary (and scientific) history by cooking a beefburger and eating it. Which sounds mundane except that this burger cost €250,000 to make and has been painstakingly assembled from meat grown in his laboratory at Maastricht University.

Post's burger will be constructed this weekend from tens of thousands of strands of protein grown, in petri dishes, from cattle stem cells. These cultured muscle fibres will be taken out of deep freeze and carefully knitted together to make Monday's culinary milestone.

Scientist to eat lab-grown beefburger