Her Majesty's secret Nuclear War-Speech

Das Nationalarchiv von England hat eine Rede der Queen veröffentlicht, die sie im Fall eines dritten Weltkriegs mit Chemie- und Atomwaffen halten sollte. Die Rede war Teil einer Nato-Simulation namens „Wintex-Cimex 1983“. Das komplette Dokument kann man im History-Blog von Slate durchlesen:

The wargame, Wintex-Cimex 1983, was a NATO-wide simulation run by the United States. In the course of the game, the Soviet Union and its allies attacked the UK with chemical weapons, forcing NATO to respond with nuclear force. The countries participating in the game ran through the procedures necessary to arrive at full mobilization, and practiced the protocol for transitioning to a “Defcon 1” state of alert.

The Queen’s speech stressed tradition, national pride, and personal commitment. In it, the Queen would refer to the address her father George VI gave at the beginning of World War Two in 1939. She would mention her own son, Andrew, who was then serving in the Royal Navy, thereby making common cause with the families whose children were also in the service. And she would call upon the people to fight off a “new evil,” reminding them that they had done so twice already during “this sad century.”

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