Swoons Neo-Hippie Art-Rafts

Die Kunst-Floße von Swoon sind nichts neues, die Bilder von Tod Seelie dazu habe ich allerdings noch nicht gesehen. Tolles, wunderschönes Posting auf Wireds Raw File.

The rafts are the brain child of Swoon (her real name is Caledonia “Callie” Curry), […] Most of the rafts are made from recycled materials and are essentially artfully made-up pontoon boats (their pontoons are wood with styrofoam inside instead of metal). The motors are old car engines that have been hacked to run propellers. Each trip featured a different number of boats, but sometimes there were up to five or six different vessels.

On some of the trips, the boats were designed to not only move through water and house a crew but also host live theater and music performances. On the Mississippi trip, whenever the boats would dock near a town, the crew would invite locals to the boat and teach them trades like silk screening or costume making.

“Many of us had hitchhiked before, or toured with bands. But we were all swept up by being on the boat, It was by far the most amazing thing I’d done,” says Seelie.

The Burning Man Aquatic: Hobo-Steampunk Boats House River-Running Art Collective