Yes We Scan: Shepard Fairey approves my Message

Oh, nice! Hatte ich gar nicht mitbekommen wegen Umzug und sowas: Die LA Times hat sich mit Shepard Fairey über die Poster-Remixe im Netz unterhalten und bezieht sich explizit auf meinen Yes We Scan-Fix und Fairey findet's toll. Sweet!

The parodies, which have appeared on numerous blogs and news sites in recent weeks, deconstruct Fairey's image, giving it a biting, NSA-themed spin. In one parody, Obama is shown wearing headphones with the words "Yes we scan" emblazoned above him and with text circling his head that reads: "United we progress toward a perfectly monitored society." […]

Here is Fairey's full response to The Times:

"I originally supported Obama vigorously because his proclaimed policy positions aligned with my beliefs. I have never been an unconditional Obama supporter or cheerleader, so I'm pleased to see people subvert my Obama images as a way to critique him and demonstrate the wide gap between some of his promises and actions. Subversion of well known symbols and images for social commentary has long been a technique in my repertoire, so I'm glad to see it in the work of others. I have even subverted my own Obama image in support of Occupy. There are no sacred cows, and I agree that Obama needs to be called out on an NSA program that over-reaches to the extreme and shouldn't be secret. We live in a remix culture and remix is a valuable form of communication when the re-configuration makes a strong statement."

Shepard Fairey approves of NSA parodies of his Obama 'Hope' poster

Danke John Chang, der den Link auf meinem Facebook-Dings postete, wo ich das Cover der FR-Darmstadt gebracht hatte, das mir von einem Sean geschickt wurde: „Grafiker zieht aus einem Kaff bei Darmstadt nach Berlin, macht dort Jahre später nen Remix einer Illu von Shepard Fairey, die um die Welt geht und von dort landet das Teil wieder auf einem Schild bei ner Demo in Frankfurt und auf dem Titel der FR-Darmstadt… Nice one! (Danke Sean!)“