Lorem Gibson + Riker Ipsum

1. Lorem Gibson: Website filler text based on the works of William Gibson (via Adafruit)

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2. Riker Ipsum: „Generates random text using real English - taken from random samplings of the entire catalog of dialog spoken by Commander William Riker in every episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation.“ (Danke Felix!)

Is there a mother ship we should advise of your condition? Don't be modest. You can't tell me you haven't come up with a few original triumphs... I have visual contact. I don't recognize it. I know. The Ferengi made Daddy turn off the main computer. Transporter Room, have you got a lock on us? I got out with the last of the colonists. If it hadn't been for the perimeter teams, we wouldn't have made it. What's your recommendation? Has the Phoenix activated its weapon systems? Well, I've got one waiting to transport aboard... I must. Captain! Are you all right?

Set course -- velocity -- warp two. Success. Option one is starting to sound better... ... because it happened to her at just about the same time we encountered the anomaly. Captain -- this is incredible. I have just entered what appears to be the nursery. I'd feel more comfortable if you'd monitor us from the ship, captain.