Pig-infused Anti-Terrorist Bullets

Ein paar Vollidioten in Idaho bieten Patronen an, die mit „schweinhaltiger“ Farbe angemalt sind, was auch immer das heissen soll. Die Munition soll islamistische Terroristen nicht nur umbringen, sondern auch direkt in die Hölle schicken, da die Munition „unrein“ sei. Die verkaufen wohl auch Zielscheiben mit dem Spruch „Give Em a Spankin with some Bacon“. Fuck yeah, America!

The company’s website bills the bullets as “Peace Through Pork” and a “peaceful and natural deterrent to radical Islam.” There’s a related line of apparel that feature slogans like “Put Some Ham in MoHAMed” and a target poster that says “Give Em a Spankin with some Bacon.”

“The nullifying principle of our product is only effective if you are attacked by an Islamist in Jihad,” the company’s website says. “Otherwise, our ammo functions just like any other ammunition, so we obviously insist upon defensive use of our ammo only-not offensive.”

Pork-laced bullets designed to send Muslims straight ‘to hell’