New York Mafiosi totally dig the Sex Pistols

DNAInfo hat angeblich Mitschnitte von Telefonaten New Yorker Mafiosi in die Hände gespielt bekommen, auf denen sie sich als Sex Pistols-Fanboys herausstellen. Die Tapes stammen aus einem Prozess gegen Carmine „Papa Smurf“ Franco, der im Januar festgenommen wurde.

“One of the best rock albums ever f---in’ made,” a Genovese Crime Family associate is heard to say about “Never Mind the Bollocks.” “You got that right, man,” another hood replies in a conversation recorded by a sanitation businessman wearing a wire for the FB I. “You absolutely got that right.” “Man, oh man, ‘God Save the Queen,’” another chimes in, referring to one of the band's classic songs. “F---in' great album.”

The revelation that a younger generation of New York hoods has apparently abandoned the likes of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin for a drug-addled English band could prompt Carlo Gambino to roll over in his grave.

The recorded conversation started when a mobster suggested that one of their cronies looked like Keith Richards, the grizzled lead guitarist for the Rolling Stones. “Actually he looks like the kid from the Sex Pistols, Johnny Rotten,” one of them observes. “The Sex Pistols? Oh my God,” another says incredulously, prompting his cronies to jump all over him with praise for the punk band.

Never Mind Sinatra, Mob Punks Really Dig the Sex Pistols (via Animal New York)