The Pirate Cinema (2)

 Vimeo Direktp2p

Ich hatte bereits vor ein paar Wochen über Nicolas Maigrets Installation The Pirate Cinema gebloggt, jetzt hat er mir ein Video dazu geschickt, in dem man die automatisierten CutUps der Bittorrent-Streams in Echtzeit sehen kann.

In the context of omnipresent telecommunications surveillance, “The Pirate Cinema” makes the hidden activity and geography of Peer-to-Peer file sharing visible. The project is presented as a monitoring room, which shows Peer-to-Peer transfers happening in real time on networks using the BitTorrent protocol. The installation produces an arbitrary cut-up of the files currently being exchanged. This immediate and fragmentary rendering of digital activity, with information concerning its source and destination, thus depicts the topology of digital media consumption and uncontrolled content dissemination in a connected world.

The Pirate Cinema