Music inscribed on a Beer-Bottle played on a „Turntable“

 Vimeo Direktbeer

Ist eine Werbeaktion von 'nem Bierhersteller, aber sehr schick. Matt schreibt mir:

I work as a Creative Technologist at Shine in Auckland, and we've been working with [a Beer Brewery] on an intriguing project - the world's first playable bottle. Taking inspiration from Thomas Edison's original phonograph, we've managed to inscribe 3 minutes of music, at vinyl quality, on to the surface of a bottle, and play it back.

[The Brewery] has been involved in launching the new album from Ghost Wave, 'Ages' with a series of art labels, and the 'Edison Bottle' is another element in that campaign - slightly out of left field. The single on the bottle is "Here She Comes". We launched the project
in front of the Semi Permanent (design conference) audience a couple of weekends back, to a great reception.