Obama is checking your Emails

10.06.2013 Misc
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Tolles Tumblr: Obama is checking your Emails. Hier gibt es übrigens eine Petition auf der Website des Weißen Hauses zur Begnadigung von Edward Snowden, Island will dem jungen Mann Asyl gewähren, Slate stellt ein paar wichtige Fragen, Threat Level fasst nochmal zusammen und anscheinend hat die Washington Post die NSA bereits vor der Veröffentlichung der Leaks auf die Spur von Snowden gebracht.

The Post admits that it did not stick to Snowden’s request to publish details 72 hours after he leaked them, and it instead “sought the views of government officials about the potential harm to national security prior to publication”. Indeed, it was a further two weeks before the investigative report went live.

It isn’t entirely clear, but that prior contact with authorities, coupled with the timing of Snowden’s leave of absence, may be why officials turned their attention to the Hawaii-based Booze Allen employee even before details were in the papers.

Corresponding online with The Post’s Barton Gellman right before the first expose was published, Snowden said: “The police already visited my house [in Hawaii] this morning. It obviously has a profound and intimidating impact on my family.”

While we know authorities visited his family, it had been assumed that had taken place after the leaks, so to hear otherwise is interesting and it shows that the government had some lead time before PRISM went public.

The NSA was already on to Edward Snowden before his PRISM leaks went public