Happy 35th, Space Invaders!

Laut dem Register wird Space Invaders heute 35 Jahre alt, ein eindeutiges Release Date konnte ich allerdings nirgends finden. Fest steht jedenfalls, dass das Game diesen Monat Geburtstag feiert und mein zweites Game auf dem Atari (nach Pac-Man) wird genau Mitte 30. Happy Birthday, Invaders!

Tomohiro Nishikado already had a string of almost a dozen arcade games under his belt when he started on what was to become the best remembered - certainly the most played - game he was ever to create: Space Invaders, released in Japan 35 years ago this month. […] 1977, he began work on what would become Space Invaders, though he has said it was originally to be named Space Monster

“Early on in development, Space Invaders was designed as a game where you shoot people, airplanes and tanks,” Nishikado told USA Today in 2008. “However, the characters’ movements didn’t really look or feel like tanks or airplanes. When Taito saw the prototype, they said, ‘You can’t shoot people! And you must not create the image of war.’ So I changed the characters into monsters.” […] If Taito didn't ban human combat, then it's more likely Nishikado simply got wind of the growing interest in space opera sci-fi and cut his new game's cloth accordingly. He told USA Today: “At the time, I was trying to decide what the focus would be, and had heard of a sci-fi movie being produced in America called Star Wars. I thought a space fad might be on the way and decided to focus on aliens. And that’s how the monsters became the Invaders that are known today.”

Thirty-five years ago today: Space Invaders conquer the Earth (via MeFi)

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