Wooden Robot-Toys by Loulou and Tummie

Ganz, ganz wunderbare Holzbots von Loulou and Tummie. Der Plattenspielerkopf ist sensationell!

For those who are interested in the details:
- Sizes vary from 5 to 15cm high.
- Wood is mainly black walnut, maple, beech, zebrano, iroko and oak.
- Machines used: table saw, table router, scroll saw, dremel tool, table disk sander, small hand sander, drillpress (except for the tablesaw, none of these tools are very fancy machinery by the way. All just pretty cheap, home made, borrowed or old and battered tools) Beside machines most of the work is done by hand with chisels, various files, small saws, a hammer and loads of sanding paper.

Wooden bots & Characters (via Creepy Robots)