Closed Stores become Data-Centers

Ziemlich interessante Entwicklung: Geschlossene Läden, die (auch) durch digitale Disruption pleite gegangen sind, werden in Datenzentren umgewandelt und man denkt bereits darüber nach, geschlossene Malls ebenfalls in Data-Centers umzubauen, auch wenn die's wohl strukturell (noch) nicht hergeben. Ich freu mich auf den ersten Plattenladen, in dem Server-Racks rumstehen:

The first Ubiquity project will be a Sears store on the south side of Chicago, nestled alongside the Chicago Skyway. The 127,000 square foot store is closing at the end of June, and will be retrofitted as a multi-tenant data center. […]

Farney acknowledges that many of Sears’ mall-based retail locations aren’t viable for data center usage. “I don’t think the industry is yet ready for a mall-based data center,” he said. “That may take some time. The stand-alone location is optimal.”

With Ubiquity, Sears is Turning Shuttered Stores into Data Centers (via The New Aesthetics, Pic: Abandoned Mall in Florida by Brett Levin)