Ai WeiWeis Detention-Sculptures

Vor ein paar Tagen postete Ai WeiWei sein Heavy Metal-Musikvideo (zu furchtbarer Mucke), seine erste Auseinandersetzung mit seiner Verschleppung durchs chinesische Regime vor zwei Jahren. Jetzt hat er eine Skulpturserie vorgestellt, die auf der Biennale in Venedig gezeigt werden, Fiberglas-Miniaturen, die sein Leben in Gefangenschaft dokumentieren.

What took shape this spring at an industrial space in the Chinese capital were six fiberglass dioramas that depict, at half-scale, [Ai WeiWeis] often banal daily existence as a captive of the vast government security apparatus. The dioramas were quietly transported out of China — Mr. Ai declined to say exactly how — to Venice, where they will be publicly exhibited starting on Tuesday in a church being used as an art gallery by the Zuecca Project Space, in parallel with the 2013 Venice Biennale, though not officially part of it.

Each diorama is enclosed in a 2 ½-ton iron box. There are sculptures of Mr. Ai sleeping, eating, showering, undergoing interrogation and sitting on the toilet, all under the watch of two young guards in green uniforms. Mr. Ai said the details were meticulously recreated from memory, down to his blue flip-flops and the white padding taped to the walls of the room.

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