Happy 30th, Return of the Jedi!

Return of the Jedi wird heute 30 Jahre alt, der einzige Star Wars, den ich auf der großen Leinwand gesehen habe – die Prequels zählen selbstverständlich nicht. Ich war damals mit meiner Cousine im Kino und was der Film mit meinem damals 9jährigen Gehirn angestellt hat, kann man hier im Blog jeden Tag nachlesen.

Zur Feier des Tages hier dreitausend Links und Items rund um RotJ, unter anderem die Concept-Arts von Ralph McQuarrie, einen Kurzfilm, den sie damals dort am Set gedreht haben, ein zweieinhalbstündiges Making Of, Ewok Karaoke, das neue Buch von J. W. Rinzler, ein paar Bilder-Galerien und tausend Sachen mehr:

Original Trailer

 Youtube Direktreturn

Ewok Karaoke

 Vimeo Direktewoks

Returning to Jedi

 Vimeo Direktjedi

Hier die zweieinhalbstündige Doku Returning to Jedi von Jamie Benning (Raiding the Lost Ark, Star Wars Begins) mit tausend Schnippseln und Details zum Film, wahrscheinlich besser als jedes Bonusmaterial.

Ralph McQuarries Return of the Jedi-Portfolio

Posters, Ads and other Stuff


Entertainment Weekly: The Return of Return of the Jedi: 30 Years and Counting, „which shows elite geeks — among them Kevin Smith, Seth Green, Chris Hardwick, Jaime King, Topher Grace, Fall Out Boy, Eli Roth, and Jason Mewes — revisiting the movie in which tribal Teddy Ruxpins put down an Imperial invasion force with rocks, logs, and other Gilligan’s Island-esque props.“

Amazon-Partnerlink: The Making of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Just as Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi completed the most successful cinematic trilogy of its generation, perhaps of all time, this splendid thirtieth-anniversary tribute completes New York Times bestselling author J. W. Rinzler’s trio of fascinating behind-the-scenes books celebrating George Lucas’s classic films.

Once again, the author’s unprecedented access to the formidable Lucasfilm Archives has yielded a mother lode of extremely informative, vastly entertaining, and often unexpected stories, anecdotes, recollections, and revelations straight from the closely guarded set of a big-screen blockbuster in the making. Brimming with previously unpublished photos, production artwork, script excerpts, exclusive intel, vintage on-set interviews, and present-day commentary, The Making of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi chronicles “how George Lucas and his crew of extroverted artists, misfits, and expert craftspeople roused themselves to great heights for a third time” to create the next unforgettable chapter in one of the most beloved sagas of all time.

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