Call 1-888-711-BSTE: Beastie Boys' 1998 Hello Nasty-Infomercial

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I had no idea this exists: Ein halbstündiges Infomercial, das die Beasties damals zur Veröffentlichung von Hello Nasty produziert hatten. Der dritte Teil ist leider wegen Bullshits copyrightgefickt.

Taking a less traditional avenue to drum up sales for Hello Nasty, the Beastie Boys have begun airing a half-hour parody of infomercials on cable stations […] The infomercial, directed in low-budget splendor by Tamra Davis (director of the feature films “Gun Crazy” and “CB4″), is a parody of various well-known, half-hour commercials that appear on late-night television. It features Beasties Mike D (a.k.a. Mike Diamond), MCA (a.k.a. Adam Yauch) and Ad-Rock (a.k.a. Adam Horovitz) taking on roles to shill everything from the services of phone psychics to get-rich-quick scams to a food processor that plays songs from their upcoming LP, Hello Nasty (July 14).

Calling the number displayed throughout the parody leads viewers to Grand Royal’s ordering line, allowing them to buy Hello Nasty and have it delivered to their door on July 14. […] The Beastie Boys’ infomercial was placed on local-access stations around the country by On Tour Video, a company that has done similar work for such bands as Megadeth, Tonic and Blur.

Network Awesome: Beastie Boys Infomercial For Hello Nasty