Vintage Virus-Demos

 Youtube Direktvirus, via Adafruit

YT-User danooct1 hat 'nen superunterhaltsamen Channel voller Demos von Viren, Trojanern und Malware, mit denen er olle DOS- und Windows-Maschinen infiziert und zeigt, was passiert. Könnte ich den ganzen Tag lang drin rumklicken. Oben der Cascade DOS Virus, which is „forcing all of the letters on the screen to collapse to the bottom in a giant heap.“

This channel’s main purpose is to entertain users with the effects of (mainly older) pieces of malware, while educating them as to how they work. No, I will not send you any malware shown in any video, regardless of whether it is considered “harmless” or not. Malware is not a toy and additionally, it is against the YouTube terms of service to distribute it.