Honeybees trained as Landmine-Detectors

In Kroatien richten sie Bienen auf Landminen ab und füttern sie mit einem Cocktail aus Zuckerlösung und TNT:

[Nikola Kezic, an expert on the behavior of honeybees at Zagreb University,] outlined the idea for the experiment: Bees have a perfect sense of smell that can quickly detect the scent of the explosives. They are being trained to identify their food with the scent of TNT. […]

Several feeding points were set up on the ground around the tent, but only a few have TNT particles in them. The method of training the bees by authenticating the scent of explosives with the food they eat appears to work: bees gather mainly at the pots containing a sugar solution mixed with TNT, and not the ones that have a different smell.

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