3D-Printing Industrial Robots paints Sculptures into the Air

 Vimeo Direktbot, via Dezeen

Petr Novikov und Saša Jokić vom Institute for Advanced Architecture in Barcelona haben einen 3D-Druckenden Industrieroboter entwickelt, der Formen in die Luft malt. Wie der 3D-Printing Pen von neulich mit 'nem Industrie-Bot.

One of the key innovations of anti-gravity object modelling is the use of thermosetting polymers instead of thermoplastics that are used in existing 3D printers. The material is cured because of a chemical reaction between two source components with such proportion of extrusion and movement speeds that it comes solid out of the nozzle; this feature makes it possible to print hanging curves without support material.

The desired shape is created by user in CAD software and then transformed into 3d curves describing the shape which are then converted into movement paths for the robotic arm. The thickness of the printed curve can be scaled down to less than a millimeter and can be adjusted during the printing process, by changing the speed of the movement. Colors can be injected in the nozzle in CMYK mode that allows changing of the curve color throughout the printing process.

Mataerial by Petr Novikov, Saša Jokić, Joris Laarman Studio and IAAC