Lasers tracking Soap Bubbles dancing to Daft Punk

18.05.2013 Misc Tech #DIY #Laser

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 Vimeo Direktbubbles

Laser tracken Seifenblasen, die zu Daft Punk tanzen. Von Creative Applications:

What happens when you mix soap bubbles and lasers? Memo Akten, 1/3 of Marshmallow Laser Feast, just got hold of Etherdream DAC laser and has been “messing” with it using openFrameworks.

Memo developed software to control this ILDA controllable laser projector (or any other pro laser projector), for realtime interactive laser interaction with openFrameworks, on OSX, and is releasing everything (including firmware of the etherdream) opensource.

Laser Projection Mapping on Soap Bubbles by Memo Akten