New Orleans Brass Band covers Daft Punk

Nice, Maddwikkid machen Brass Band-Cover von Daft Punk-Klassikern. Per Kickstarter haben sie sich bereits ein Cover von Get Lucky finanziert. Die Band ist übrigens auf Trax Records Chicago, for those who know.

This might be the strangest release of classic Chicago label Trax yet! The clue's in the title - it's Daft Punk brassified. We get four classics by the world's most famous Gallic robot duo: "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" gets turned into a 1940s Dick Tracy-style riff-off with every form of trumpet imaginable, "Around The World" mixes wind instruments with that famous vocal mantra, "Da Funk" features plenty of sassy brass and "One More Time" wraps things up on a swingin', jazzy high.

The Madd Wikkid's Brassft Punk - BRASSFT PUNK (via Boing Boing)