3D-Printed Gun per P2P

Ging ja dann doch sehr schnell mit der ersten (fast) komplett 3D-gedruckten Waffe, das File wurde jetzt ein paar hunderttausendmal runtergeladen und natürlich ist die Knarre prompt in der Bucht gelandet, was den „Liberator“ wohl zur ersten P2P-Waffe der Welt macht.

It took Defense Distributed eight months to produce the firearm, which was assembled from separate components produced on an $8,000 (£5,000) 3D printer bought from auction site eBay. […]

One of the biggest headaches for law enforcers is the fact the gun is made from plastic - with only the firing pin made from metal. New York congressmen Steve Israel and Chuck Schumer have sponsored legislation aimed at adding a 3D-printing provision to the US Undetectable Firearms Act, which requires all guns to be detectable.

Downloads for 3D-printed Liberator gun reach 100,000 (Danke Tom!)