Dating Site for Rightwing-Conspiracy-Theorists

Kelly Bourdet hat sich in Alex Jones' – dem Wahnsinnigen unter den irren Rechtsaußenhonks in den USA – Dating-Service auf seiner Infowars-Seite angemeldet. Fällt mir ja oft schwer zu glauben, dass es solche Menschen wirklich gibt. Aber es gibt sie.

In the “Dating Freedom Lovers” group on Infowars, Alex Jones’ “news site,” nearly 6,000 men and women are looking to meet somebody special. Their profiles usually indicate interests (firearms and survivalism rank high), location (often in terms of the FEMA zone in which they reside), and how long they’ve been “awake” to the conspiratorial nature of the United States government, Zionism, Obamacare’s true aim, fluoride exposure effects, GMO dangers, or some breathless, hang-wrung cocktail thereof. […]

I’ve only been signed up for the site for a day, but I’ve already been contacted by a freedom-fighter right here in New York. He’s my age, his profile picture is a dashing sniper riflescope, and he goes by “Awake” (in case there was any confusion).

I Signed Up for Infowars' Dating Site for Conspiracy Theorists