Apple-1 signed by The Woz for sale

 Youtube Direktwoz, via The Verge

Demnächst zu versteigern im Auktionshaus Breker in Köln: Ein funktionierender, von Steve Wozniak signierter Apple-1. Die haben noch ganz viele andere tolle Sachen zu versteigern, klickt mal ein bisschen auf der Seite rum, tonnenweise vintage Gold.

A German auctioneer will put a working Apple-1 computer on the block later this month, and expects the handmade computer to fetch between $261,000 and $392,000 at Thursday's exchange rate. The record price for an Apple-1 was $640,000, paid last year in an auction also run by Breker, of Cologne, Germany.

On May 25, Breker will try to sell a different Apple-1, one of only six in working condition, the auctioneer said. The Apple-1, a circuit board hand-built by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, was made in 1976, and sold at the time for $666.66. About 200 units were produced, but by an estimate last year by British auction house Sotheby's, only 50 survive.

Rare working Apple-1 computer to hit auction block this month