Nano-Stopmotion-Movie made with Atoms

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IBM haben einen Kurzfilm gedreht, ein Stopmotion-Clip aus Atomen: A Boy and his Atom. Der Film dürfte dem Plot nach – „a character called Atom who befriends a single atom and goes on a 'playful journey'“ – halbwegs an den 1946er Kurzfilm A Boy and His Dog angelehnt sein und ich gehe schwer davon aus, dass die Parallele zum gleichnamigen Atomkriegsapokalypsenfilm entweder rein zufällig ist, oder einer von IBMs Konzeptionern war an dem Tag irgendwie subversiv drauf. Jedenfalls: Oben der Stopmotionfilm aus Atomen, hier noch ein Making Of:

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The movie's plot line depicts a character called Atom who befriends a single atom and goes on a "playful journey". This journey involves dancing, jumping on a trampoline and playing catch. […]

IBM moved the molecules using two of its own scanning tunnelling microscopes. It's a huge machine that weighs two tonnes, operates at minus 268 degrees Celsius and magnifies atoms -- placed on a copper surface -- by 100 million times. The machine moved around 5,000 carbon monoxide molecules to create the movie. Each time the molecules were arranged in the right way, the IBM team rendered a still image to create each of the 242 frames. In those frames, you can only see one atom or pixel because you look at it from above. It took roughly 10 days of 18-hour shifts to get each frame right.

IBM: IBM Research Makes World’s Smallest Movie Using Atoms (via Wired)
Flickr-Set: A Boy and His Atom