Jail Reviews on Yelp

29.04.2013 Misc #Crime

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Yelp ist die amerikanische Originalversion von Qype und dort findet man immer mehr Reviews von Knästen durch die Insassen. Ich hab' grade mal auf Qype geschaut, dort findet man zwar Gefängnisse und Vollzugsanstalten, aber leider keine Reviews, dafür braucht das deutsche Netz wahrscheinlich noch ein paar Jahre. Wie auch immer – Knast, Reviews, Yelp: „Junkies in withdrawal do not make great conversation; many two-dollar hookers do.“

“Jail food may get a bad rap . . . but jail EMPLOYEE food is off the chain,” wrote one woman of a local jail cafeteria, where $1.50 apparently buys a plate of chicken, green beans, wheat bread, dessert and fresh, not instant, mashed potatoes. […]

“This was the worst experience of my life and I am a combat veteran from Iraq,” wrote another Seattle reviewer. “I would rather re-live Basic and the evil Drill Sergeant’s. I would rather be in the box.” […]

Washington Post: With few other outlets, inmates review prisons on Yelp (via Gawker)
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